Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rhyme Is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to many students and writers of poetry Rhyme is Dead... So be it...

Rhyme is Dead!!!!!

Oh my God! Can it be true?
Rhyme is dead, it’s gone, it’s through.
It’s a useless skill, for one to possess
It’s not big it’s not clever, it doesn’t impress.
It’s stupid, pointless, childish word-play
So sterile and so totally passé
And the people who write or read rhymed verse
Should be ignored, or even worse,
As they’re unbelievably out of touch
They really should be tattooed as such
Across their foreheads and paraded through
The streets of a major city or two,
So serious poets can shout ‘Unclean.
Your verse has no place in our poetry scene’
Until finally the message gets through,
They’ll define your poetry for you.

1 comment:

EW said...

So true!! 'Real' poets hate rhyme.