Friday, February 13, 2009

Down with the Kids...

There is an article in the Irish times which deals with the Pat Kenny/Pete Doherty Late Late Show...

The article tries to show how un-cool Pat Kenny is... Like it can be denied... But the article itself, is ridiculous, it is obvious that Mr Murtagh knows nothing about poetry.

For a start Doherty and Dylan are not poets, there is nothing poetic about the lines that he quotes.

He came off as an old man trying to be down with the kids and he failed miserably. For a start the lyric he quotes, and is so proud of, is, 'You charmed the Bees Knees of the Bees', Totally misquoted by Murtagh and therefore rendering the point he was trying to make redundant.

Doherty is a Drug addict who dated Kate Moss. That is all he is... He may attempt to write poetry with melody's but he is very bad at it, and therefore Pat Kenny did a very good job, for probably the first time ever… The only beef I have with him is that he compared PD with a true poetic genius, Shane MacGowan.

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