Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who on Earth am I going to vote For??????

Who on Earth am I going to vote for in tomorrows Local and European Elections?

First, here is who I’ve eliminated.

The Greens – I voted them No1 in the General Election and they have disappointed me in Government.
Fine Gael – How dare they insult the voters by choosing Sinead Sheppard as one of their candidates. She had to Google the party when she was asked to stand. Do they seriously believe that voters are so obsessed with the vile celebrity culture that they will choose a reality television star to represent them?
Fianna Fail – The Country is in trouble, Brian Cowen’s Waffling will not save anyone.

So I still have many choices, but I have no firm favourite in mind…

Only one potential candidate has visited our house and this candidate is getting a vote from me, but if this is like the general election where you number many, then that leaves the rest with all to play for so to speak…

Who will I vote for?

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