Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My CBF 2009, Part Six

Monday 12th October:
I am now in my Resident County of Fingal starting at Blanchardstown Library. I say Resident County because I live in Howth, but getting from Howth to Blanchardstown seems anything but Resident.

But that is OK, because I always arm myself with books and CD’s for journeys of all size, so I was to be kept company for the two hours (Give or Take) it took to get me to Blanchardstown. I have finished the collection of Wodehouse stories mentioned in Part one and I am now reading James Thurber… I’m sure each of you is interested in that…

So I got to Blanchardstown reasonably early, and I set-up my stuff. The first session was to take place in the Library whereas the second was to take place in a Lecture room just off from the Library. There was a yoga class taking place in the Lecture room so this provided the necessity of the two rooms, if you are wondering.

The first classes entered and there was just under 60 Children with two teachers. I Went straight into the Coat-hanger song and this begun the an exceptionally enjoyable session. Limericks were good, although I heard one group say they had worked out a play, so when I asked them if they’d like to perform it they got shy and just read it instead.

Between sessions, I went next door to the Draiocht Theatre for a recommended coffee.

On my return I set up in the Lecture theatre and the next group entered. Now I know I said that the group in Sallynoggin last week were the most inquisitive group I’ve ever read to, but this group were as inquisitive, if not more.

The question session at the end lasted for ages and many different and diverse questions were asked. The first question was my favourite. Another Keen eyed child asked, ‘There is a picture of you on the back of that book, and you are wearing the same T-Shirt you now have on, do you wear the same clothes every day?’

This was an exceptionally enjoyable group, who asked me for more songs and more jokes. I wasn’t that tired as I went back to the Bus Stop to begin my journey home.

The following day I was in Swords for only one reading, which is a rare day for the CBF. Again the journey was very long considering I was in my resident County, but it was kept enjoyable as was the whole day.

My Dublin section is now over, I have a day off on Wednesday, then I will be travelling to Kildare and then straight to Mayo.

19 Performances and 4 Counties down, 16 Performances and 4 Counties to go.

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