Sunday, February 14, 2010

35 Years Gone... RIP P.G. Wodehouse

35 years ago today, the world lost the funniest writer it has ever known. Mr Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, In my humble opinion, the greatest user of the English Language ever.

Like in my last Blog, about Charles M Schulz, I can do nothing better than to use The Master's own words to pay tribute. Unfortunately it is easier with Schulz than it is with Wodehouse (I am not going to reproduce an entire story here). So I have decided to recommend 10 Wodehouse books... This is a very difficult process as I would have to decide what to leave out, but I'm after ten that provide conclusive evidence that he was the funniest writer, combined with ten that demonstrate the vastness of his canon, so there will be only one Jeeves book, one Blandings etc... So here goes.

1) Thank you Jeeves.
2) Heavy Weather
3) Clicking of Cuthbert
4) Meet Mr Mulliner
5) Damsel in Distress
6) Young Men in Spats
7) Bill the Conqueror
8) Hot Water
9) Ukridge
10) The Small Bachelor

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