Friday, July 30, 2010

Dublin, Unesco City of Literature and Dublin's Lesser spotted Creatures

Oh, Dublin’s Fair City, a place that I call home and some other people call, ‘Let’s pretend Paul doesn’t live here.’

Well this place that I call home is now a UNESCO City of Literature a title much deserved because of the rich Literary history the city has, from Joyce, Wilde, Gogarty, Flann O’Brien through to the many wonderful writers of today.

I, as a sort of Literary figure who lives here, am overjoyed by this turn of events not merely because, coincidentally, I have recently been working on a collection of Nonsense Verse based around nonsensical/mythical creatures that are to be found within Dublin. The Collection is under the title, 'Dublin's Lesser Spotted Creatures'.

I am currently looking for a publisher for this, but in the meantime I offer up this example for you in the hope that it is enjoyed by all who stumble on this vast wasteland that is my Blog.

Thank you.

Subbuteo Playing Primates

A Monkey in Glenview, *
Whilst eating Irish Stew,
Said, ‘I think I’ll play Subbuteo today.
Although playing by one’s self
Is bad for one’s Health
“For 2 or more” the instructions clearly say.
So when I’ve finished this stew
I’ll know what I’ll do
And I believe it is the best decision
I’ll contact a Chimpanzee
I know who lives in Dalkey,
I’m sure he’ll provide excellent opposition.’

* In Tallaght

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