Monday, August 30, 2010

Purchasing Steve Martin's books whilst in America

When Steve Martin's wonderful stand up memoir, Born Standing Up, was released, I was staying with my in-laws in the US of A and I have to admit it felt special to purchase a book written by one of America's Comic Genius's in their country. Obviously it was the same book I could have purchased in Ireland on my return but I wanted to buy it in America. The book, was read on the same day I had purchased it, and it is a book I have continually dipped into ever since as it is a wonderful read and a great reference for anyone who wishes to make a career out of trying to make people laugh.

I would go as far as to say that this book is probably the greatest memoir/biography I own and in the top ten books I have ever read... My parents even purchased the paperback for me so that I can take it on my travels...

So the omens are good when I return to America for thanksgiving this year, there will be a new Steve Martin Book coming out whilst I am over there. The book, entitled, 'Object Of Beauty', will again be purchased by me on the day of release hopefully...

I've been a huge Steve martin fan ever since I saw a clip of his stand-up routine in the late 80's (I saw it in the late 80's, The routine I'm sure was from the seventies.) I have a collection of his films, all his books (including Cruel Shoes) and his stand-up CD's. I believe he has one of the greatest Comic Minds ever and I can't wait for his new book to arrive.

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