Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mistletoe and Root Beer

Having enjoyed the process of putting his Nonsense Poetry on Kindle with his last book, Paul decided to put his collection of Christmas Verse on Kindle to for some Festive Jocularity... The Kindle E-Book is Available here for Co.Uk and here For .Com.

Christmas Can Be Crazy, but is it as crazy as the Poems in this Collection of Christmas Verse?

Jokes inside of Christmas Crackers are possibly the funniest things on the planet, but are they as funny as the poetry in this volume?

Well it is for you to decide. By reading, Mistletoe and Root Beer, a collection of zany Christmas Rhymes written by Paul H. Tubb, you will be able to answer the questions posed above.

The poetry is on subjects as diverse as, an odd choice of casting for a nativity play, A Priest who does not look forward to the Christmas season, A young girl worried about Santa's Thoroughness and many other festive situations.

P.S. Although Paul loves puns, he is far to gracious to incorporate the pun, 'Kris Kindle' when referring to this Christmas based E-book.

Here are some examples of the pictures provided inside the book.

Illustration from the poem, The Year Santa Forgot the Toys

Illustration from the poem, Worrying Christmas Lyrics

Illustration from the poem, Mr Montague as Jesus

Here is me reading a poem from this Collection: Worrying Christmas Lyrics

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