Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leonard Cohen and The Muppets...

It is always pleasing when two of my favourite things in the whole world get together. So it was with great delight and joy that I read the story that Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords) was writing songs for the impending Muppet Movie. (See Here)

Flight of the Conchords are probably the funniest act in the world today, and they are both exceptionally gifted musicians… The awe in which I, myself a humorist and a musician, look up to these two musical comedic geniuses, is immense… The DVD’s are a regular viewing at our house thanks to my wife loving the pair as well.

And the Muppets, I’ve spoken on many an almost mind-numbingly boring length about my devotion to the creatures created within the Jim Henson Company. I believe that Jim Henson had one of the greatest comic minds ever, and his comically, fun and human spirit is reflected by all within the company.

On an extra featured on the DVD box set of Flight of the Conchords, Bret actually mentions that his influences were Leonard Cohen and the Muppets… Hopefully this will be reflected on the new songs for the movie.

One of my favourite Conchord songs...

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DrHGuy said...

It turns out that Leonard Cohen, according to his romantic partner, Anjani, was a fan of Flight of the Conchords.