Monday, April 25, 2011

Dublin's Lesser Spotted Creatures

In Dublin’s fair city, the girls may be pretty but the creatures that reside there are as strange as can be… So with this in mind poet/humorist/singer-songwriter, Paul Tubb has decided to document these creatures, using rhyme and pictures, in this collection of Nonsensical verse.

So come and learn about creatures such as: the Quinklesaur, The Kwalaguppy, the Ape like creatures who spend their time playing Subbuteo and many others?

A laugh-out-loud funny collection which introduces you to aspects of Dublin you will, until now, have been unaware of. This wonderful book is suitable for Children of all ages.

ISBN No: 978-1-908024-22-0

The Book can be purchased using the button above, Signed and for an introductory offer of €7.95 saving €2, or more information, and a poem from the collection, can be found here


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