Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Wasn't A Teenage Deadhead... Unfortunately

37 years of age is too old to be discovering the Grateful Dead…

But this is what has happened to me. For the past 36 years my life has been a life lived in total ignorance of The Dead and their music. I'd heard of them knew Jerry Garcia by sight, but had never listened to them. It wasn't even that I'd heard them, decided I didn't like them and their music had to grow on me, I was completely ignorant.

Now due to a recent epiphany I can’t stop listening to the Dead and I wish I’d discovered their music years ago. They are a great Rock'N'Roll band who have brilliant songs. A wonderfully un-disciplined/Musical band that deserve to be listened to by more people.

As well as their CD's I find youtube a veritable treasure chest of Grateful-Dead/Dead-Associated-bands clips and Music.

And all this begs the question why someone who fell in love with Rock'N'Roll at the age of 11 after discovering the Beatles, should only be discovering this music now?

Oh Well... Here's a couple of favourite clips for anyone who reads this...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, came across your post by accident. I'm a 39 yr old from Fermanagh and unlike you I WAS a teenage deadhead :-) Only saw them live once though, in London Halloween night 1990.

What a great band and what a wealth of music and styles they cover. Someone said to me once "I dont like the Grateful Dead" to which I replied "Which one?"

If you are interested, and in the spirit of Deadheadism contact me at paulmister at and I will happily snail mail you a bunch of dead stuff that will hopefully be of interest.

I have about 600 live shows of theirs - down from about 1000 after a hard drive failure. I can also happily point you in the direction of the best places to find the tonnes of good free Dead stuff that circulates online these days.

Since the 80's I've run into about three other people in Ireland into this "band beyond description" - so, nice to see another person getting it :-)