Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stephen Fry - Pans

I searched on youtube, for Stephen fry and Puns, hearing that he did a radio episode on the Subject. Having an unhealthy obsession with the groan-worthy word-play and also having admiration for the man himself, I thought I'd like to hear it... I hoped some kind soul had put it up for people to listen to... Unfortunately they hadn't.

Although on searching for, 'Stephen Fry Puns' youtube enquired if I had actually meant, 'Stephen Fry Pans'.

I was intrigued... Did Stephen Fry have an interest in Cooking utensils and had he done a programme on them? Did he ever do a Comedy sketch ala Vic and Bob where Hugh and Stephen batter themselves with frying pans?

Allowing a cople of seconds for these questions to be asked, I decided I will answer them by telling youtube that I had indeed meant, 'Stephen Fry Pans'. I was then informed that there were no videos containing, 'Stephen Fry Pans'. I'll never get that time back again.

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