Tuesday, July 8, 2008

She's a Rainbow Connection

Whilst travelling to work today, listening to The Rolling Stones, I made a worrying discovery…

Whilst listening to Ruby Tuesday, one of my favourite tunes, I noticed the similarity between Mick Jagger’s Voice and that of Kermit the Frog’s.

Does this now mean that every time I listen to this song, I’ll be reminded of this, thus rendering my enjoyment impossible…Or not the same…

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Muppets and think that Jim Henson, Frank Oz and all were/are geniuses… I also love the Rolling Stones…

So I love them both… But not together… After listening to Sticky Fingers, I do not think, ‘Well that was good, but it would be better if they did a cover of, ‘It’s not easy being green’’

Nor do I think, whilst viewing the Muppets, ‘When are they going to sing, ‘Torn and Frayed’?’

Although me, being me, I started thinking, ‘If the Rolling Stones songs were re-written for Sesame Street, what would they come up with…’

Well apart from the bad pun that is the title, here are what I’ve come up with:

1) Sesame Street Writing Man (Street Fighting Man)
2) Kermit’s All Over Now (It’s all over now)
3) Big Bird on the run (Turd On the Run)
4) I can add and do subtraction (I can’t get no Satisfaction)
5) You can’t always get something to count (You Can’t always get what you want as sung by The Count)
6) Some Words, (Some Girls, As in Some words start with P H, Some words start with A, Like Apple, Arm and After, Aim, Alert and Away. Sing along)
7) Live with Me (To be Sung by Ernie to Bert and changed to ‘Do you like to live with me’)
8) Little Red Elmo (Rooster)
9) Brown Sugar Cookies (Self Explanatory)
10) Hey you get away from my Can (Oscar the Grouch singing Get off my cloud)

I need to get out more…

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Anonymous said...

I remember years ago Kermit and co recorded an album called "Muppets Unplugged" with Ozzy Osbourne . . .