Monday, December 8, 2008

I Have a Book Coming out


If anyone is interested I have a new collection of Poetry Coming Out...

Published By Trafford, The Collection is Entitled:
'Please Do Not Encourage This Nonsense By Purchasing This Book: Poems By paul H. Tubb'
And it can be described as 23 Poems Not about Football, 11 that are about Football and 5 limericks. These have been put together, with some illustrations, into a handy book form so that they can be read at anyone’s leisure. Funny Rhyming poems that will delight Children of all ages. Poems about subjects such as Strange Christmas’s, Tone Deaf Dentists and the worlds worst stuntman among others.

Hopefully the Book will be available early in the new year, but more information can be found at and to be informed when it will be released just press the link below...

Please Click Here and Learn More About This Book

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