Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I've made a news site in Sweden


After years of trying, I have finally made the news in Sweden.

The link below leads to a news story that has a video of mine linked to it.

http: //

When translated, the story roughly reads:

Santa Claus has been arrested
The U.S. has at least ten blank similar figures arrested last week.

Christmas is here. Time for reflection and a chance to spend time with loved ones. Children loafer and waiting for Santa. Probably in vain. The U.S. has at least twelve empty similar figures arrested last week. Usually associated with drunkenness and other manipulations. While there are ongoing investigations in the United States around the fact that many of the bearded men is similar to the long-deceased Karl Marx. Perhaps it can be a new wave of Marxism as joking on us during the current financial crisis?

See the strange but funny music video on the site that went there

The Strange but Funny video is mine...

märkliga men roliga means Strange but Funny... Sums me up maybe? I Think I will use it to sign off all my posts from now on.

I wish anyone reading this the greatest of times over the festive season...

Paul Tubb
märkliga men roliga

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