Saturday, July 25, 2009

London Olympics 2012

Wow, Has it not been a long time since I Blogged? Well it could have been longer, maybe I could have left it a day, or a month, or a year... Is there anyone analysing my time on this Blog?

Well anyway I've had nothing to say... Still haven't if truth be told, but I will post a poem that I have written especially to commemorate the Olympics in London 2012... I hope it is enjoyed.

London 2012

The Olympic Games from London
Start tonight at Twelve Past Eight.
I’ll be in front of the TV
And I won’t be a second too late.
I thought that they’d start yesterday,
But they did not arrive
And I got to the TV early,
At least quarter past five.
I sat there all the night
Flipping channels just to see
The Olympic games from London
Opening ceremony.
My Mother says I’ve misunderstood,
But the signs they clearly state,
London Games: 2012, although
It doesn’t mention a date.


Anonymous said...

Love It!!

EW said...

Ha ha! Love the punch line!

Anonymous said...

And Funny

Anonymous said...

love it!!!!!

( )
l l

The fat penguin loves it toooo!