Friday, August 21, 2009

Not Only JK Rowling, But Also????

My first experience of Harry Potter, was taking my younger brother to see the first film, The Philosophers Stone, in 2001... It was enjoyed by all, and Patrick, my brother, went head first into the Harry Potter world purchasing books and looking forward to the books and films, but I was quite content to wait for the second film...

In 2003, myself and my then Girlfriend (Soon to be Fiancee, then wife and still is) acquired a spare copy of, 'The Order Of The Phoenix'(How we did it is a Long Story), and I decided to read it...

I enjoyed the book, and read the two that followed, enjoying J.K. Rowling's storytelling, whilst still going to see the films at the Movie Theatre.

It's only been this month that I have made the decision to read the first four books, and I got, The Philosophers Stone, for my Birthday (One Day after Harry Potter's and Miss Rowling's) and on the back of the front cover, was a picture of the Author standing in front of a full bookcase...

To her right, quite clearly can be seen Harry Thompson's wonderful biography of one of my Comic Heroes, Peter Cook, and I wonder if Peter Cook is an influence on JK Rowling.

Her books do contain a surreal humour and funny names like Mundungus Fletcher, so it is very possible that she could have been influenced by people like Cook or Spike Milligan, but I wonder if he is and how much of an influence he is?

I also wonder if any of the characters could have been played by Peter Cook? I think Cook would have made a great Ollivander, or even Cornelius Fudge... but maybe not as good as the actors who do play them... (Film Acting was not Peter Cook's Forte.)

Still I am curious and may investigate further.

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