Sunday, October 25, 2009

My CBF 2009, Part Ten (Final Part)

That’s it… It’s now over for me… After 34 readings, 28 Libraries, 2 Schools, 1 resource centre and a lot of Children, (I had originally intended to count the number of Children so that would have been a more impressive sentence.) It is all over for me… No more CBF 2009 for Paul Tubb.

The scene for my final 5 readings was county Donegal and I arrived in Letterkenny on Wednesday 21st at around 1900 hrs and made my way up to Letterkenny Quality Court Hotel, which would be my base for the next two days.

I got to the Hotel, had a panini and a wave of tiredness came over me so I went up to my room, talked to my wife and watched TV before going to bed.

I woke up early the following morning and sat in bed listening to, ‘The Kinks Choral Collection’ whilst drinking coffee. I then went down to breakfast, which was wonderful again, then rushed off to catch the 0830 bus to Raphoe.

Raphoe was the location of my first reading, and another success was had, although the Children seemed to be rather hesitant in their singing about giving their Coat Hangers names… But they certainly warmed up for the rest of the performance and wrote some wonderful Limericks. Afterwards I was told by a young boy that the poets I had provided in my hand out were very good, so this pleased me.

From Raphoe, I then got a taxi to Lifford library, a library that is joined to a restaurant which provides lovely coffee, I was to discover. The class this time were older and larger (in number rather than surface) than the previous one, but this did not seem to dispel them having a good time and enjoying my songs, poems and writing their own Limerick. Another enjoyable time was had. Although again, there seemed to be an aversion about wanting to sing that they give their Coat Hangers names, I started to wonder whether it was a Donegal thing.

Luckily the next group dispelled this myth by charging into the singing with a loud voice. They were another wonderful group, this time at Ballybofey Library. Wonderful Limericks were again written and many questions were asked. I was told that they found my poems and songs funny, which is something I love to hear. I was also asked if I have ever written any Christmas poetry, to which I replied that I have written an entire collection of Christmas verse which I hope to publish soon. I was then asked if I could read one, and I read my poem Misunderstood Christmas Lyrics which can be seen below.

After Ballybofey, I had to make my way back to Letterkenny and it was a tired poet who fell asleep on his return, only to be woken up by his wife phoning him.

The next day I was picked up by Wainfest organiser and Letterkenny Librarian, Ursula who took me to St. Johnston & Carrigans Resource Centre, for my first reading of the day. Two classes were expected and one was late. This gave the first class time to ask me for rhymes to various words, including Orange and most of their names. The second class entered, many of them in Halloween fancy dress, and we then begun. One of the teachers was a Tottenham fan, who after the reading asked about the availability of my book, so that pleased me. Again wonderful limericks were written, and I was asked to perform The Coat-Hanger Song again, so a great session was again had.

Ursula then drove me back to Letterkenny where I got to spend a couple of hours whilst she went back to the Library. She picked me up again and then we went to Ramelton Library for my final reading of the day, week, month and festival this year.

Ramelton Library is converted from an old Church and is a really nice library, in a lovely picturesque town. There is even an old pulpit, which I fancied reading from, although I didn’t.

Another successful reading was had, with wonderful Limericks, questions and giggling. A young boy asked if he could play my guitar, which I let him and he was very good. The teachers showed their appreciation by writing me a verse as well so again I was extremely happy.

I was then driven to Letterkenny Bus Station, to begin my journey back home and away from the festival.

Again I would like to extend my thanks to all Teachers, Librarians, Parent/Helpers and (Most Especially) To all the Children who I read to during the week.

And again I am upset that this festival is over. I do love October, and it is due to this festival. Here is hoping for more of the same next year.

If anyone is interested, I am doing a show for Adults in Bewleys Cafe on 5th November. Details can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Hi my son attends Raphoe Central National School and really loves reading and enjoyed your visit so much he was looking for one of your books for xmas so i was wondering if there was anywhere i can buy one that is signed???

Paul H. Tubb said...

Thank you very much for this lovely comment.

You can purchase a book directly from me and I will be happy to sign it.

you can e-mail me @ and I will respond with details.