Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmassy Verse 1

Polly the Christmas Panda

Whilst Juggling 7 Kumquats
On a cold December night.
I got the inspiration about a
Poem I should write,
About an iconic Christmas figure
Who is overlooked a lot,
But I consider her the best
Christmas icon we have got.
We always hear of Santa Clause,
The Grinch, Scrooge Ivy and Holly,
But it seems we do ignore
The Christmas panda Polly.
Yes Polly the Christmas Panda, she’s
As Christmassy as can be
When it comes to spreading joy
No one’s as good as she.
She wears her Christmas clothing,
And does her Christmassy things
And all those Christmas Carols
Are the only things she sings.
We need to hear more about her
I hope you all agree
I hope this poem balances out
The ignoring that we see.
So whether your name be John,
Stacey, Tony or Amanda
Let us never forget about
Polly the Christmas Panda.

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