Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmassy Verse 2

The Beard that saved Christmas

Mr Turnwinter’s beard
Is exceptionally famous hair.
The beard is worshipped and beloved
By Children everywhere.
Because one year it saved Christmas,
When accidentally
Santa shaved his beard off and needed
It replaced quickly.
Santa felt naked without his beard
It distinguished him.
He couldn’t leave the North Pole
Sporting a beardless Chin.
So he sent his elves on a mission
To find a look-a-like who’ll
Lend Santa their beard and restore
The jeopardised Yule.
So they found Mr Turnwinter
Who had based his look
Upon that of St Nicholas
After reading a book.
And he was happy to oblige
St Nick’s request
And Christmas therefore was restored
And Santa went on with his quest.
So things turned out well and
It wasn’t as bad as was feared
And on the cover of every magazine now
Is Mr Turnwinter’s beard

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