Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Review for Dublin's Lesser Spotted Creatures

I have just received this Positive review from the Inis Website (Inis is the Irish magazine for Children's Books and the review can be found here) Thanks to all at Inis for the review and mention.

Irish children’s poets are thin on the ground, which is surprising, as Ireland is not exactly short on poets. It has fallen to poet Paul Tubb to get to grips with the capital city – in a decidedly whimsical fashion.

Dublin’s Lesser Spotted Creatures, Tubb’s second book, unleashes a bestiary of strange and often fabulous animals on Dublin’s familiar environs. Readers are introduced to an odd-sock-wearing orang-utan, an insect with its own web page, an ironing iguana, and many other beasts even less probable. I laughed out loud at the poem about Welsh prawns holidaying in Dublin, and at the bespectacled badger.

Tubb locates the outlandish in the mundane and has an eye for the quirky and unusual. The book can be a bit clunky –this may not be for connoisseurs of poetry – and the overall design is similarly basic. The often comically na├»ve drawings by the author certainly enhance the general air of silliness, and ultimately it is the humour that wins out, compensating for these defects.

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