Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Rhyming, Musical Laureate

I suggested that Julia Donaldson be made UK’s Children’s Laureate when Michael Rosen’s tenure was up. Not to anyone specific you understand, I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I hold any sway in important literary decisions, just on internet forums and to people I know.

Anthony Browne instead got the job and did a wonderful job and now, It is apparent someone shares my opinion as Julia Donaldson has now replaced Anthony Browne.

And what a wonderful choice it is. Who doesn’t know the Gruffalo? Who wouldn’t laugh at, Crazy Mayonnaisy Mum? She has a wonderful expansive range as an author (Picture Books, Novels, Poetry, Prose) that I’m sure she’ll do the position proud.

We have things in common, Julia and I… We are both Songwriters and Rhymers… OK we have as far as I’m aware two things in common… Which is one of the reasons I am over the moon about her appointment to this position.

Congratulations Julia…

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