Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not Nominated...

Well I can only assume that I am either, Not Funny or Nobody reads my blog, how else can anyone explain my absence from the nominations for ‘best humour blog’ in the Irish Blog awards? Especially when one of the Nominations, ‘Our National Disgrace’, Hasn’t posted anything since 2004.

If it is one of those reasons, I’m actually hoping that nobody reads me, because I really do not want people thinking of me as not funny.

I have a dream this year, I would love for my poetry collection, which should be released before the end of April, to be nominated for a Roald Dahl Funny Award, that was introduced by Children’s Laureate, Michael Rosen. This would be wonderful, but if I’m not funny than I can forget that.

But if no one reads me then that will mean that I have been wasting my time writing this and any of my Blogs as no-one has been reading it.

Oh well whatever the reason… There is always next year…

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