Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bigger Than John Lennon?

A totally un-Topical Poem.

John Lennon once said that 'The Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ' He has often been misquoted as saying 'Bigger than Jesus Christ' I have therefore written this verse about it.

Jesus entered the club
And to the microphone he went.
He hushed the crowd and said
“I’d like to make an announcement.
Despite of what he said
I’m bigger than John Lennon
John was only 5 foot ten
Whereas I’m 5 foot eleven.”
“But,” replied a punter,
“Far be it for me to disagree,
But, John Lennon said, The Beatles
Together, bigger than you they would be.
And, correct me if I’m wrong,
If on each others shoulders they got
Looking down on the top of your head
They would be, would they not?”
Jesus thought about this and realised
“Oh no that is true,
But I’m the son of God I can’t be wrong.”
And before our eyes he grew.
That’s right a miracle was performed
In front of the clientele
And said, ‘take that Mr Lennon
Ringo, George and Paul as well.’
Then Jesus before he left,
The Barman he did thank
And he turned the bottles of Evian
Into Sauvignon Blanc.

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