Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Picture Books - Four Wacky Tales & The Dog Of Edward Aloysius Grey

This Blog has been neglected far too long...

I shall now make amends by telling you all about my latest writing and illustrating Exercise...

Four Wacky Tales – Written and Illustrated by Paul H. Tubb
Out now from Emu Ink comes four tales in one handy collection from the Creative Mind of Comic Poet and Humorous Illustrator Paul H. Tubb…

Each of the four tales are hilarious, illustrated, rhyming stories, that feature odd characters and even odder scenarios.

All four are perfect antidotes to boredom for Children of all ages.
The four tales are:

Ten Princesses – Prince Edwin doesn’t want to be Prince, so he comes up with a plan to change his position, but he needs help to achieve it.

The Dog of Edward Aloysius Grey – Take a trip through the mind of a Crazy Canine. (Also Available in Paperback at the Link Below)

Scaring Jeremiah – An Old man tells scary stories to Children, but there is one Child he’s unable to scare. He wants to scare this Child so much that he comes up with an unorthodox idea to help him… Will it work?

Jeremy Doesn’t Like Jam – Jeremy has to convince his Jam obsessed mother that he doesn’t share her passion for Jam, but she just won’t listen to him. Who will she listen to?

All four narratives are available individually to rent from Emu Ink, or to purchase as an entire collection. Click on a links below for more information.

Here is a picture of me with my new paperback version of the Dog of Edward Aloysius Grey

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