Monday, May 12, 2008

Not Dustin Off An Old Routine

In my first ever performance of comedy for ‘Adults’, I did a routine on the Eurovision song contest, including a ghastly (intentionally) version of a song I told the audience I was going to put forward for the contest… I started the routine by saying that I have lived in Ireland for five years and I love it here, but I cannot understand the nation that gave us Phil Lynott, The Dubliner’s, Van Morrison and others actually seems to give a monkey’s about the Eurovision song contest.

I gave this routine up for three reasons:

1) People might think it was a routine done out of affection (It wasn’t)
2) I made a joke about the fact that, as Terry Wogan says that the British will never win it again because they’ve bombed too many nations, why hasn’t Tony Blair used that as some kind of justification (It was met with silence, Political Satire is not my thing)
3) The routine works on the premise that my birthplace, England, doesn’t care about the Eurovision Song Contest, but after Morrisey and Justin Hawkins behaviour last year, well it’s obviously not strictly true and the routine loses all credibility.

This year, thanks to a turkey, the Eurovision has been all over the Irish news again, some reality TV show person is Britain’s entry and my act is getting on OK without a Eurovision routine, although I still say before a song, ‘This is my Eurovision entry next year, That’ll please them… An Englishman representing Ireland’

I think the moral of this is, you can’t make a joke out of a joke…

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