Friday, February 27, 2009

And other things...

Et Cetera, is a Latin phrase that means, ‘And other things’

Therefore can somebody please explain why it is the title, and the phrase is included in, the Chorus of Irelands 2009 Eurovision.

The lyrics, apart from being ghastly beyond belief, are about some guy who, I think, can’t make up his mind between two girls, and it is sung from the viewpoint of one of the said girls. There is nothing in the song which makes the word (or words, it can be spelt one wordly or bi-wordly) ‘etcetera’ appropriate.

Now I believe the song is bad, but that only means that it actually stands some chance in a competition that celebrates the appalling, but can someone please give me an idea why the lyric writer chose to name the song inappropriately?

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